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DOBERMAN INFINITY will perform its first arena tour from November 16, 2019, celebrating its 5th anniversary. With the theme of “bonds” of members who have supported each other for 5 years, the book release has been decided suddenly!
The history from the group formation up to now is composed mainly of long interviews and newly taken photos this time, and also photos carefully selected from past archives, released as a special edition version on Wednesday, November 27!
The publisher is SHIBUYA TSUTAYA, the latest to deepen the world and trajectory of DOBERMAN INIFINITY that embodies "ALL ROUND HIPHOP'' that incorporates all genres and delivers it in its own style as a special commemorative project celebrating the 20th anniversary of opening in December this year Book = ZINE released!
And the song “We are the one” from the 9th single “We are the one”, which will be released on the same day, has a musical theme that is a bond with friends. It is a highly confident work that allows you to immerse yourself in the world of the world!

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November 27, 2019


128 pages, B5 variant

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