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"RYOTA KATAYOSE" drawn by the lyricist Masato Odake, which he didn't even notice

RYOTA KATAYOSE and Masato Odake, a lyricist who knew him well before his debut and wrote lyrics for various artists as well as GENERATIONS.

A collection of letters addressed to each other, such as the encounters and nostalgic events of the two, the stories of their families, their views on romance and marriage, and their views on marriage are published!

The exchange of letters that started with the corona wreck, because we couldn't meet. Mr. KATAYOSE, who said, "This is my first time writing," was led by Mr. Kotake, who I respect and trust from the bottom of my heart. This is a special book full of "Mr. KATAYOSE" that I was able to draw out because I was a "comrade" with whom I have been associated for 10 years.

Includes 16 pages of newly shot gravure that told Mr. KATAYOSE, "I've never seen RYOTA like this!"

This is my first book to be published. It's a little embarrassing, but I think I was able to express it while having Mr. Kotake draw out my own heart. Writing was not

[Comment by Masato Odake]
When I was writing a round-trip letter, I couldn't help but envy RYOTA KATAYOSE's straight youth. And a letter from him made me time-slip to myself many times in the past. This book should be read by everyone living in the same era, including those who do not know us.

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