【DVD and original T-shirt set】TALE of SHADOW AND LIGHT KEIJI KUROKI

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In 2019, EXILE / EXILE THE SECOND KEIJI KUROKI released their first Photo Book!

The country he wanted to visit now at the age of 40, Cuba, now wanted to visit. With the return of diplomatic relations with the United States in 2015, the capitals and resorts that have prospered as tourist destinations have undergone drastic changes. On the other hand, we will leave the naive and exotic and decadent part of socialism and witness the “light and shadow”.

Self-photographed Cuba's everyday life in his eyes, Mizoguchi Motoki, who has long-term friendship, cuts KEIJI KUROKI's life as a photographer.

4C P120
B5 Horizontal / Parallel / Staple Stitching
With DVD
※ We plan to include Cuba travel journal



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