[ETS limited] RAISE THE FLAG carpet cleaner

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Carpet cleaners that can only be obtained with EXILE TRIBE STATION are cute members of animal characters who are members, items that make cleaning your house fun! RED colors will be accents of your room, and you will have a fashionable atmosphere ♪ When the tape is gone, As we can replace with commercially available spare tape, you can use all the time ☆

※ Please use the one with a width of about 160 mm and a paper tube inner diameter of about 38 mm, which are sold at general grocery stores, mass retailers, home centers, etc., as replacement tapes. There are rare things that are difficult to remove, but please be aware in advance.


Body = W about 18cm × H about 27.5cm
Box = W about 19 cm × H about 29 cm


Handle = polypropylene
Case = ABS
Shaft = iron (chrome plating)
Tape = Adhesive paper
Tape holder = polypropylene

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