Picture book "Dance Earth 2"

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Children will definitely start dancing !!
Let's dance freely and freely as you like!

The next dance is with animals!
Let's dance with friends of the earth!
So that children all over the world can get along with each other by dancing ... ★
The long-awaited second edition of the picture book "Dance Earth" created with such thoughts.
This time too, a dream collaboration between YOSHIHIRO USAMI (ÜSA / EXILE) and Nobumi, a popular picture book writer.
In the previous work, Love and Peace, who traveled around the world through dance, dance with various animals in this work.
"Dance can be one with nature and the earth as well as people and countries."
It is a warm and fun picture book that feels such a message.

Special dialogue recording: YOSHIHIRO USAMI (ÜSA EXILE) × Nobumi

[illustration] Nobumi
[Form] B5 variant / made / all color 38 pages
[Publisher] Kirakusha