Cider mochi 2019 calendar ver. with sticker

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Sweets with very popular stickers are Cider mochi ☆ Bonus stickers, 2019 Calendar Costume Ver. !! The sticker contains 1 from 76 species + secret ♪

※ You can not choose the pattern of the sticker.
※ If you purchased more than one, even if the handle is duplicated, it can not be replaced.

Raw material name

Malt sugar, sugar, starch syrup, rye powder, rhamne powder (sugar, corn starch),
Starch, gelatin / trehalose, fragrance, polysaccharide thickener, coloring agent (gardenia), acidulant, emulsifier
※ This product manufacturing plant manufactures products containing wheat, egg and milk ingredients.

·Internal capacity
Two cider caskets, 1 sticker

※ Avoid direct sunlight · heat and humidity, please save.
※ Please enjoy early after opening regardless of the expiration date.
※ Please be careful so that the chopsticks do not get stuck in the throat.
※ There is a small hole in the individual packaging. This is for keeping freshness, not a defect.
※ In order to maintain quality, alcohol powder formulation (which is harmless to the human body but can not be eaten) is enclosed in the bag. For this reason, there may be alcohol smell at the time of opening, but please be assured as it does not change in quality. Also, if you are sensitive to alcohol, please take a few minutes after opening.

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