The most distant day to you in a year. With postcard

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Theatrical company EXILE Akiyama Shintaro, the novel debut work of the whole body!

Shintaro Akiyama who served as the first ambassador for the "Short Shorts Award". This became an opportunity, and continued to write many novels for three years, and it is a virgin novel collection publication with fullness !!
This book contains 20 mysterious palms with different textures, each of which has been lost in the different world from the real world!
EXILE TAKAHIRO, who loves some of the letters that appear in it, has written by handwriting in the recorded work “I'm looking for the wind” !!

Akiyama Shintaro signed book + EXILE TAKAHIRO hand-drawn (printed) with postcards!

Release date

July 11, 2019

Delivery date

We plan around the release date.


46 size, ordinary production

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