[Tokyo venue limited] RAISE THE FLAG Flag towel can

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Can Item 2nd! Each venue and EXILE TRIBE STATION has different cans in its design, and a cute animal character flag type hand towel is randomly included from all seven types ☆ By all means, each venue Please come and visit the collection ♪

※ You can not choose thepattern of the flag towel.

※ If you purchase more than one, you can not change even if the pattern of the flag towel is duplicated.

 [Sales schedule]

Osaka venue limited: 8/7 (Wed), 8/8 (Thu) Kyocera Dome Osaka

Nagoya venue limited: August 17 (Sat), August 18 (Sun) Nagoya Dome

Fukuoka venue limited: 8/25 (Sun), 8/26 (Mon) Fukuoka Yahoo! Auctions! Dome

Tokyo venue limited: 9/22 (Sun), 9/23 (Mon. / Holiday) Tokyo Dome

 Eco bag (middle) is offered by purchasing "10,000 yen or more" goods of "J SOUL BROTHERS Ⅲ LIVE TOUR 2019" RAISE THE FLAG "", and eco bag (large) is presented by purchasing 20,000 yen or more!

 ※ When ordering, you can order along with other categories of products, but if it does not reach 10,000 yen or more and 20,000 yen or more with "J SOUL BROTHERS Ⅲ LIVE TOUR 2019" RAISE THE FLAG "" tour goods only Please note that it is not eligible for the Eco bag (medium) and Eco bag (large) gifts.

※ Eco bag (Large) will be a gift for 1 point if you purchase more than 40,000 yen per order.

※ You can not combine multiple orders into one, so please check the contents carefully before placing an order.



 Case = about 6.5 cm in diameter

Height = about 11.5 cm

Towel = W about 42.5 cm × H about 28 cm



 Can-shaped case = tinplate

Towel = 100% cotton

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