STEP BY STEP Special Limited Edition with DVD / TAIKI SATO

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The first photo book of TAIKI SATO, who is the youngest member of EXILE, who is the leader of FANTASTICS who made a major debut last year and is also an actor.
The artist himself participated in the concept, composition and photo selection from the shooting location while enjoying it, and the work was produced over a year.
The shooting is now the hottest photographer, Hayato Araki, who has received great support from popular actors. Through a session of two people in a breathtaking atmosphere in Hawaii's wilderness, TAIKI SATO's various expressions and a trained, supple and beautiful body were fully photographed.
In an interview with about 20,000 characters, I put on a fateful encounter with EXILE, a stage practice where I was regretful and crying like everyday, a EXILE PERFORMER BATTLE AUDITION that changed my life, so as not to spill what I learned "Dance notes" and "actor notes", talk about the feelings of FANTASTICS members. In addition, photos of childhood, introductions to personal belongings that are important, corners that answer 125 maniac questions, warm messages from teachers, etc. are also included.
One book that contains his figure steadily and steadily running towards the goal one by one.

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Release date
January 25, 2020

Delivery date
Scheduled before and after the release date.

・ B5 variant (182 x 242mm) / soft cover / all colors / 176 pages (planned)
・ With special limited edition DVD

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