As i special limited edition with special postcard / Hokuto Yoshino

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Hokuto Yoshino's first photo book.
This book was shot in his own hometown, Miyazaki, Kyushu.
Hokuto Yoshino's true face, which cannot be seen on stage, is packed with the charm of playing with local nature and animals, the night when you feel like playing under the stars in the sky, and the time when you return to your childhood and play in the park.
The title "As i" was named by himself with the feeling that "everything is true." It contains the determination to survive and to be the one who does not deceive at any moment. A fulfilling book that includes interviews that talk about the history, present, and future.

■ Comment by Hokuto Yoshino
The 1st photo book "As i" was taken in my hometown of Miyazaki prefecture! I was able to take the best photos that gently permeate everyone's hearts with all the scenery, places and atmospheres !! "As" The word has various meanings. But all the words mean "equal". I think that various Hokuto Yoshino are shown in this photo book, but I would like to tell you that all of them are Hokuto Yoshino. The themes of being yourself, surviving as a person, and living your life with a strong belief are also included. I hope many people will receive their thoughts!

■ Release date
March 6, 2022

■ Specifications
B5 variant / soft cover / all color / 208 pages planned

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