Akihisa Shiono Calendar 2022.04-2023.03 / EXILE TRIBE STATION Limited Special Cover Version

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Akihisa Shiono will release the 2022 calendar on White Day!

The theme for this shoot is "natural". Based on "Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Atami", we decided to cut out "Akihisa Shiono as it is".
Shoot in various situations, such as roaring in the guest room, warming up with a kotatsu, and enjoying grilled marshmallows at the tree house.
The day was blessed with good weather, and there were plenty of photos that made you feel like you were having a full-day date with Shiono, such as enjoying eating while walking in the shopping district and showing a cool look on the beach at dusk. It is stored as.

* The middle page is the same as the regular version.

■ Comment by Akihisa Shiono
This time, I shot with the theme of "natural". I think you can see Shiono with a more original atmosphere.
Moreover, it's been a long time since I put out the calendar, so I was happy.
It's a calendar with photos taken in a very nice location, so I hope everyone will pick it up. Thank you!

■ Release date
Monday, March 14, 2022

■ Size / Specifications (planned)
Desktop type, 13 sheets in total, double-sided printing
EXILE TRIBE STATION limited special cover
* Please note that the number, size, and specifications are subject to change.



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