Takuma Goto produce multi-coin case

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Takuma Goto produced a multi-coin case that is convenient for carrying coins and cards !!
The FRONT part is printed with Takuma Goto's illustrations and the words "THE RAMPAGE RAY OF LIGHT" ♪
It also comes with a neck strap that can be hung from the neck, so it can be used as a coin case at the LIVE venue, and it can also store up to 4 cards, so it is recommended for everyday use ◎

▼ Takuma Goto COMMENT
The multi-pass case that I produced before was very popular, and many fans, as well as members and friends, asked me to make it again, so I chose this item !!
The illustration that I look into with a lightning bolt in one hand is characteristic, and the texture, font, color scheme, and storage capacity of coins and cards are outstanding, and it is an item that is packed with my attention to detail!
It comes with a neck strap that can be hung from the neck, so I hope you can use it as a fashion accent when you go out!

Body: PU, polyester, iron

coin purse
W about 12.5 cm x H about 7.5 cm
Neck strap length
About 47 cm



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