Kaisei Takechi produce Rampe Athletic Meet Donburi & Renge Set

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Kaisei Takechi produces donburi & range set ☆
The character illustrations of THE RAMPAGE members who are doing "Rampe Grand Athletic Meet" such as tug of war and rolling big balls are printed on the bowl, and the "THE RAMPAGE" logo is printed on the range!
If you use this bowl and lotus, you will surely enjoy your meal even more ♪

▼ Kaisei Takechi COMMENT
[Donburi] So, I wanted to make it a cute design that is easy to use for people of all ages, so this time I made it with attention to various points such as the size of the ranger and the bowl, the design of the package!
The last time was a mug, so I wanted to make it a tableware-based dish that everyone from children to adults can enjoy while using it, so I made it a bowl!
Please try to eat Oyakodon with your family!

* The package is for product protection. Please note that we cannot replace it due to damage.

Melamine resin

φ about 12.8 cm
W about 4.5 cm x H about 14 cm



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