Itsuki Fujiwara produce NYAMPAGE Blanket-Become Mars Mars-

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Itsuki Fujiwara, who loves cats, produced a blanket for THE RAMPAGE and "THE NYAMPAGE", in which 16 members dressed as cats!
Cat ears are attached to the hood part, so you can become a mars if you wear a hood ♪
Furthermore, if you store the blanket in the hood part, you can use it as a cushion!
It's a soft material that feels good against the skin, so if you feel a little chilly, not only indoors at home, office, or school, but also outdoors, it's a great item to have!

▼ Itsuki Fujiwara COMMENT
I tried to make a cat by taking advantage of the characteristics of each of the 16 members.
Anyone can become a Mars by wearing a hood with cat ears
I hope you can see a lot of Mars from the stage.
Furthermore, if you store the blanket in the hood, it can also be used as a mars cushion, placed on the sofa in the living room, or used as a pillow or dakimakura!
Goods packed with a lot of my commitment have been completed!


W approx. 117 cm x H approx. 109 cm



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