Shogo Yamamoto produce MOMO TIME

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Shogo Yamamoto produced "MOMO TIME" following the previous "MOMO BELL" !!
The pop and colorful design of the wristwatch that makes you feel good when you wear it is an accent for your coordination.
At the center of the dial is the familiar illustration of Shogo Yamamoto, and the letters "RMPG" at 3,6,9,12 o'clock !!
Shogo Yamamoto's particular item, with "THE RAMPAGE", "YAMASHO", and peach illustrations studded in the band ♪

▼ Shogo Yamamoto COMMENT
Anyway, I like things like "I used to have this kind of thing", and I strongly want to make various things with my own hands!
I think RAMPAGE's LIVE, which is nostalgic and has a cute color, is like a theme park, so I made it with that feeling.
I made MOMO BELL last time and everyone enjoyed it a lot, and even your children liked it as a toy lol
As the second step, I made "MOMO TIME" with the intention of making something that is nostalgic for adults and happy for children now!

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Body: Zinc alloy, Paper band: PVC rubber

Dial diameter
About 2.7 cm
Width about 1.5 cm
Around the wrist
About 13-16 cm

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