Rui Yonamine produce Chura Mask

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Rui Yonamine produces "Chura Mask", which prints the debut dates of "RMPG" and THE RAMPAGE !!
You can enjoy the masks you use every day in three colors, purple, black, and white, according to your mood and clothes.
The mask case of the set contains the character illustrations of THE RAMPAGE members who enjoy it on the beach, and it is recommended not only for temporary storage of masks during meals, but also for storing and carrying tickets etc. ♪

▼ Rui Yonamine COMMENT
The point I was particular about was the Okinawan feeling of the case package.
Then, when making this mask, I was particular about the ease of breathing and the color.
I chose the shade of purple so that anyone can use it easily.
Also, by bending the nose part, a gap is created in the mouth and it is easy to breathe, and it is a shape that does not easily collapse for those who make up.
I produced a mask because I thought it could be used not only in today's situation but also in various situations.
We hope that you can store not only the mask but also your thoughts in the case.
Also, how about a gift for those who are always indebted, friends, and family?

Mask case: PP
Mask: Non-woven

Mask case
W about 11 cm x H about 24 cm
W about 20.5 cm

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