Kenta Kamiya produce Aroma spray

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By spraying on masks and pillows, you can enjoy the scent of a forest bath ☆
Not only the scent, but also the design of the package and bottle is an item filled with Kenta Kamiya's commitment.
It's not bulky even if you put it in a bag or pouch, and it's easy to carry, so you can create a healing space anytime, anywhere with just one push even when you're on the go !!

▼ Kenta Kamiya COMMENT
The present of life where masks are familiar
I want you to feel THE RAMPAGE closer to you.
I made it an item called mask spray!
The scent always comes directly when the scent is closer than perfume, so I finished it with an aroma-like scent that is close to the natural world so that it can be scented all the time without being tight and relaxed!
By all means, at work or school, please push one at a quick time, of course, even on holidays between holidays.
Please refresh!

* The package is for product protection. Please note that we cannot replace it due to damage.

Ingredients: Natural plant essential oil, vegetable ethanol

φ 1.8 cm x H about 9.3 cm
Internal capacity

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