Yusei Yagi produce with Yuse Key Holder

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A key holder with a three-dimensional rubber charm of Yusei and three character charms ♪
Yusei's three-dimensional charm wearing the initial "Y" one-point parker has been completed by making fine adjustments such as the unevenness of the hairstyle and the three-dimensional appearance of the parker !! The three character charms are Yusei's handwritten characters. In addition to "Goat Collie", Goat Collie's girlfriend "Karifurako-chan" and Yusei's black cat "Kuwi" ☆ Each charm is removable, so you can enjoy it with other items! !!
Please attach it to your bag or key and take Yusei and Goat Collies to various places ♪

▼ Yusei Yagi COMMENT
When I made a goat cocory key holder before
I feel a little lonely if it's one
When I make a key holder again, I want to attach other characters together
This time, we have made 4 key holders into goods!

My three-dimensional character and goat cocory,
And the new Goat Collie girlfriend, Califurako-chan!
Also, Kuwi, the black cat, has been with me since I was born.
I want to give shape to this memory someday
We have made it into a merchandise this time!

I would be happy if you could take these children out!

Mascot: PVC
Charm: Stainless steel
Parts: Zinc alloy

full length
About 12.5 cm
W about 3 cm x H about 5.5 cm
Charm (Goat Collie)
W about 2.2 cm x H about 3 cm
Charm (Karihurako)
W about 2.6 cm x H about 3.3 cm
Charm (Kuwi)
W about 2.6 cm x H about 2.8 cm


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