EXILE AKIRA produce Bear ☆ Subball Shirt

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So far I have produced goods
I have delivered it to you
A fusion of the "EX BEAR" series and the "baseball shirt" series
20th ANNIVERSARY special
Produced EXILE uniform !!

Its name is "Bear ☆ Subball Shirt" !!

Incorporating "Rainbow", which is also the theme color of POWER OF WISH, into the design, "EX BEAR" is put on the back instead of the uniform number!

Let's put "the power of wishes" into LIVE by wearing this uniform and uniting our hearts!

■ Item description
AKIRA produces a "POWER OF WISH" ver. Special uniform that combines the produced goods "EX BEAR" and "baseball shirt" that we have been working on so far!

The EXILE logo is printed on FRONT, and the names "EX BEAR" and "EX family" and the 20th anniversary "20" are printed on BACK!
A message from AKIRA is also on the tag ♪

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of EXILE, it has a special design for EX FAMILY!

Let's open up a further future together from POWER OF WISH by wearing this "Bear ☆ Subball Shirt" ☆

100% polyester%

Model wearing size: FREE (height 168 cm)

Length (front): Approx. 72 cm Length (rear): Approx. 76 cm Width: Approx. 66 cm Shoulder width: Approx. 56 cm Sleeve length: Approx. 24 cm



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