ETERNAL2 mobile battery

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Mobile battery with ETERNAL member characters☆
As it is compact, it is the item which is convenient for carrying around!

<Estimated charging time>
・Charging this product: about 3 hours (can be used repeatedly about 200 times)
・Smartphone charging: about 2 hours (about 1.4 times can be charged).
・Built-in charging capacity: 3.7V/5000mAh, rated capacity: 5V/2600mAh, cycle life: about 200 times, charging time: about 3 hours
・The mobile battery is a consumable item. *Assuming that the battery is charged once a day, it will last approximately 6 months.

As a characteristic of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, deterioration progresses even if they are not used.
The battery may expand due to storage conditions and aging.
If it expands, please stop using it immediately.

If the usable time drops significantly, the battery may have reached the end of its life, so stop using it.
Doing so may cause the lithium-ion battery to swell, emit smoke, catch fire, or explode.

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W about 9.8 cm x H about 6.3 cm x D about 1.3 cm



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