Coleman×EXILE 20th Healing Chair

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In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of EXILE's debut, a collaboration item with "Coleman", a comprehensive outdoor goods brand that deals in all kinds of camping goods, will be released!!
A low chair designed with the logo of EXILE's past tours since 2003, where you can relax as if you were wrapped in a hammock☆
When unfolding, it spreads with one hand and is easy to assemble! It is foldable and portable, so it can be used in a wide range of situations, such as outdoors and indoors☆
The storage pocket on the back is also convenient for storing small items.

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Coleman is a trademark of The Coleman Company, Inc.

Materials: Sheet/polyester Frame/steel
- Seat width: about 45cm
- Seat height: about 36cm
- Withstand load: about 80 kg
- Specifications: Back pocket
- Accessories: storage case

Size when used
about 57 cm x about 58 cm x about 76 (h) cm
Size when stored
about 19 cm x about 11 cm x about 90 (h) cm

about 2.5kg

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