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This time, we have produced a perfume that you can wear so that you can enjoy ~Twilight Cinema~ more. Scents have the effect of reminding you of the people you spent time with and the events that happened at that time.
Wearing Twilight Perfume and getting excited, head to the live venue. . The scenery you saw that day and the emotions that welled up will surely remain in your heart along with the scent.
To connect us beyond style and season, regardless of gender or age…
In order to turn the limited live time into beautiful memories…
Enjoy Twilight Perfume☆彡

■ Item description
Kenchi produces fragrances!!
After comparing the many scents, Kenchi chose a floral scent that is characterized by a refreshing and clean impression.
In addition, the message print for the fans on the bottle and the tour title print on the package were handwritten by Kenchi with her feelings♪
Please wear a fragrance filled with Kenchi's commitment and be wrapped in a pleasant scent ☆

[Label message content]
After all of these years, we have come such a long way.
We've looked back on the past many times but from now on lets look ahead.
I have you by my side, always.
So, lets continue to walk this life together.
I love you always.

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Ingredients: ethanol, fragrance, water

bottle size
W about 3.5cm x H about 11cm


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