EXILE TETSUYA produce large size silk wool stole

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I made it a large stole so that it can wrap your heart and body ♪
A silk wool stole with fringed edges for a sophisticated allure!
I casually treated the T pattern that symbolizes TETSUYA.

Midnight blue silk wool is used, and the stylish border is accented with embroidery of EXILE THE SECOND and Twilight Cinema♪

It's a large size that can be worn around the neck as well as hung on your shoulders or knees so that you can snuggle up anytime, anywhere (^o^)v
I hope everyone will be wrapped in TETSUYA's silk wool, which is modestly the best☆彡

■ Item description
Produced by TETSUYA is a large scarf with embroidered tour logos and group logos, which is convenient for coordinating accents☆
From TETSUYA's idea of ``I want to use colors that are easy to use for a wide range of people, men and women of all ages!! By blending silk, it gives a glossy and elegant impression to the touch!
It's a large stole, so you can wear it over your shoulder, wrap it around your neck, and enjoy various arrangements☆

wool, silk

about H140cm x about W140cm


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