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Finally,,, I made a shoulder bag for faving!

The clear material allows you to put your favorite items in it ☆The D can is firmly attached, and the essential inner pocket and zipper pocket are also attached, so you can use it to your advantage. The recommended shoulder bag has been completed ♪

Please enjoy displaying "LOVE" in your own way, whether it's fashionable or flashy ☆彡

■ Item description
I wanted to create an easy-to-use bag that appealed to a lot of fans!! That's why the Fave bag of NESMITH was born☆
The FRONT has an attractive storage space, and the sides can be used to hang muffler towels.
In the FRONT's attractive storage space, there is a removable sheet with a past tour logo pattern design, and if you remove the sheet, the tour logo is printed!
It has a gusset and plenty of storage space, so it's perfect for daily use.
A nice point is that it comes with a square can badge printed with the attached tour logo!

Polyester, PVCbag strap length can badge

bag strap
about H20cm×about W32cm×about D8cm
about 70cm~about 130cm
can badge
about W45mm×about H70mm


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