EXILE AKIRA produce EX BEAR☆Bottle

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I gathered my favorite EX BEAR
I made a SPECIAL eco bottle☆

Stainless steel bottles with heat and cold insulation function,
You can drink a drink at just the right temperature whenever you want, so it's great for a variety of occasions!

If you carry your own bottle, you can rehydrate, prevent dehydration and expect health benefits ☆

Furthermore, it is very eco-friendly because it can reduce the amount of plastic.
I would be happy if you could go out with EX BEARS a lot☆彡

■ Item description
"EX Bear ☆ Bottle" with successive generations of EX BEAR!!

The nostalgic BEAR design is sure to bring back memories of past LIVEs☆

In order to prevent the temperature inside from escaping, the lid with packing is used, so it can be used both iced and hot, making it extremely practical!

Just the right size that will be active in the office, school, outdoor scene, etc.

More than anything...
What was the excitement of EXILE THE SECOND's live?
Don't forget to hydrate well because it's hard ♪ lol

Let's make new memories with this bottle☆

*The lid is not completely sealed. Please be careful when using so that the lid does not come off and spill.

Body: Stainless, Lid: PP, TPR

φ about 7cm x H about 16cm



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