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RIKU produced a PASS&KEYCASE with a clear pocket large enough for a photo card!!
It is made of faux leather with a sense of luxury, and there is a pocket that can hold two cards on the inside, so it has a storage capacity.
The shoulder strap that can be hung from the neck is removable, so you can remove it and put it in your bag to carry it!
In the clear pocket on the outside, you can put a photo card for live performances, and you can put a commuter pass or student ID card in it for everyday use, so it's sure to be useful in many ways.

This time, I made a pass & key case! !
Participate in LIVE! In that case, women have more luggage, especially cosmetics and goods, and recently everyone seems to have a smaller bag, right? smile
I want to be as light as possible!
I don't want to fill my hands! !
This "pass & key case" will make such a wish come true! !
Too important a pass to use on a train, etc., a key to a house, etc.
This item will prevent you from losing it!
You can save the trouble of taking out the pass from your bag! !
It is a god item that will make it easier for you to participate in tours and events.
I say it's already a god item! smile
Please check it out! !

Photo card storage size (maximum): about 63 mm x about 88 mm
*The package is for product protection. Please note that we cannot replace damaged items.
*Photocards are not included with this product.

Body: Synthetic leather, PVC; Hardware: Iron

Body Shoulder
W about 8cm x H about 10cm
strap length
about 86cm


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