SHOHEI URAKAWA produce For your favorite acrylic stand!! Otaku's Ally Simple is Best Pouch ~Let's do faving more and more~

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Perfect for faving! SHOHEI URAKAWA produced a pouch that you can put Acsta in and carry around!
The front is a clear design with an R shape, so you can see what's inside without opening it while storing acrylic stands and other items.
"THE RAMPAGE LIVE TOUR 2023 '16'" on the clear part and the group name and member name on the inside of the pouch are all handwritten by Shohei☆
It also comes with a carabiner, so attach it to your bag and use it more and more!!

Hello! This time, in order to support faving of all otaku
I devised a pouch to put the acrylic stand.
In addition, my sister is also an otaku, so we did trial and error together. lol
All the characters designed for this product are handwritten by me!
Let's be together in 2023! Ota life!
Thank you for reading the comment from Shohei!

*The package is for product protection. Please note that we cannot replace damaged items.
*Acrylic stand is not included with this product.

Body: Synthetic leather, PVC, polyester Carabiner: Aluminum

W about 11cm x H about 16cm


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