Quick Japan vol.169

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1st special feature
2nd special feature

The cover and first feature report GENERATIONS, who celebrated their 10th anniversary since their debut and ran through 2023 as their anniversary year.
We look back on the adversity and trials that the past 10 years have given them, and unravel why they can still have faith in the future.
A solo interview with a total of approximately 30,000 characters, a gravure at the beginning that expresses their ambition and pop, a solo gravure shot in their home base of Nakameguro, a report closely covering the Okayama performance of their national tour, and support members (Taiki Sato / Shogo Iwatani / Testimony from Shohei Urakawa / Shin Hasegawa / Itsuki Fujiwara), comments from people familiar with the group (Chocolate Planet, Shoji・NOPPO (s**t kingz), Akari Hayami, Kyonchi Kaneko (Party-chan), etc.), This is a permanent feature with over 80 pages, including EXILE HIRO's 10-year history of GENERATIONS.

The back cover & second feature is FANTASTICS.
They have different backgrounds as performers, and they look back at the fact that when they first debuted, they didn't have a distinct color as a group. However, over the past five years, each of us has found a place where we can shine, and each of us has grown to the point where we are wearing our own unique colors. All of us have colored FANTASTICS.
Even as each of them expands the scope of their activities, they all agree that everything is for the sake of the group. What is the "promise that day" that connects them?

Size: A5/Normal paper/144 pages

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