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Starring Masaki Suda! Shocking school mystery, opening here!
Masaki Suda is a passionate teacher!
The day that left 10 days until graduation. A high school teacher takes 29 homeroom students as hostages and stands in the school building. The teacher then asks the students: `` Why did a popular class member commit suicide that day? ''
If you make a mistake for 10 days, the mystery and the incident are intertwined. Forbidden `` last class '' by teachers and hostage students begins!

An array of young talented actors!
`` 3rd year A group '' as a student role is a heroine, Mei Nagano, and a cast that was decided by audition of more than 300 people competed in a gorgeous performance! A permanent preservation drama of young actors gathered together!


10 days left until graduation.
The high school life of the students should end peacefully ...
However, the teacher gathered 29 homeroom students that day and suddenly said:

"From now on you are my hostage"

From this moment, the “last class” by teachers and 29 hostage students began.
The last class is about “the truth of one student's death” that he lost his life several months ago.
A star student of a former school who suddenly left the world without a will, without telling anything.
Why did students suddenly lose their lives?
Why do teachers take the sensational method of “hostage” and do the final class?

One teacher's `` last class '' where mysteries and incidents are intertwined!
A very limited series drama that draws only 10 days and spins to people who live to die!
A shocking school mystery that no one imagines starts here!
――No one can graduate until this truth is known.

Scheduled release date

July 24, 2019 (Wednesday)


Masaki Suda (Mei Nagano)
Ryota Katayose (GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE) Rina Kawaei, Moka Kamishiroishi, Riku Hagiwara, Mio Imada, Haruka Fukuhara
Huuju Kamio, Zin Suzuki, Ayumu Mochizuki, Mayu Hotta, Miu Tomita, Takara Sakumoto, Tsuyoshi Hurukawa(SUPER ★ DRAGON)
Wakabayashi Ziei, Nana Mori, Shiori Akita, Yuki Imai, Yumena Yanai, Yume Shinjo
Yoshihiko Hosoda, Akane Hotta, Buffalo Goro A, Yuu Kamio / Kaho Tsuchimura
Bengal Kenichi Yajima Kohei Otomo / Seiichi Tanabe / Kippei Shiina


Screenplay: Shogo Muto
Music: Akihiko Matsumoto
Theme song: The Chromanyons `` Living '' (HAPPYSONG RECORDS / Ariola Japan)
Director: Naoko Komuro
Yuuma Suzuki
Mizuno Itaru
Chief Producer: Norihiko Nishi
Producer: Yuta Fukui
Akiko Matsumoto (AXON)
Co-producer: Toshiaki Namba (AXON)
Production cooperation: AXON
Production work: Nippon TV


6-disc set (5 main films + 1 bonus)
Main story approx. 497 minutes + Bonus video / Color / Stereo / Dolby Digital / Single-sided / Double-layer / 16: 9 Vista size / Japanese subtitles (Main only)

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