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TAKANORI IWATA's 30-year-old anniversary 3rd photo book belonging to EXILE and the J SOUL BROTHERS III, who is also acting as an actor, was taken by Masatoshi Nagase, an actor and photographer! Takenori Iwata "New myself". Then, Nagase, who is a senior actor as a man, the new world expressed in response to photography, and hints for the future.

An extravagant book filled with all the faces of adult Takanori Iwata, which is a bit different from “Gun-chan”. Please enjoy turning the page over and over again.

■ Three meetings with Iwata x Nagase, and a close-up shot for about 50 hours.
■ Perform location at all mysterious spots in Japan.
■ Show off the physical beauty of the stoic. The “raised body” that men drown is revealed.
■ “TAKANORI IWATA”, a new challenge that has never been seen before.
■ Eyes, appearance, ecstasy as an adult man. ...... Opens eyes to new appeal.
■ “Beautiful TAKANORI IWATA” as an actor and man, thought by senior Masatoshi Nagase.
■ His vivid wearing power, also serving as Louis Vuitton's ambassador.
■ Superlative artists who are leading the fashion and photography world in Japan and overseas participate.
■ Mode, sexy, emotional, dark, various appearances.
■ No enemy at all !? Flames, animals, showers, beds ...

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August 2, 2019


Size B5 size
144 pages

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