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“Mr. Sugiyama's“ After-School Starlight ”(Shogakukan“ Sho-Comi ”serialized by Miwako Sugiyama, who produces numerous hit girl comics, such as“ Hana Nidamono ”and“ Bite Maker -King of Ohm ”. A long-awaited live-action movie with over 1.2 million copies has been released on Blu-ray & DVD!

The starring W was starring at “Good Morning Call” and “Voice Girl!”, And not only active as an actress but also as a voice actor in “Kirakira Precure A la Mode”, EXILE and Haruka Fukuhara Taiki Sato, who is the youngest member of FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE, and who has increased his career as an actor in the movies “Mamared Boy” and “Sensei Monarch”.

Also, the men's non-noh model Suzuki Jin, who appeared in "Hana nochi Hare -Hanao Next Season-" and attracted attention, became the 11th CM girl of XXY, and one of the most watched actresses now, Hiroe Igeda, is full of fresh charm An array of young casts.

A sweet and astronomical astronomical observation love story that takes place around the astronomical part, delivered by fresh cast members!


It has been said to be sober and dark for 17 years. An unlucky mediocre girl who has transferred to Chikuma High School in Nagano Prefecture.
At a school that was messed up by classmates and couldn't keep up with studying, met a little nasty and brute-minded top talent, Taiyo, and an astronomical boy, Mizuki.
Invited by the kind-hearted Mizuki, the star joins Taiyo and the astronomical club of only three people.
“Saotome Hoshi ... It has the same name as Virgo's star Spica,” the star falls in love with Mitsuki's passionate figure. Taiyo, who had only been fighting with the stars, was aware of love for the stars that could not keep his eyes away.
Suddenly, the thoughts of Mizuki began to move-? Suddenly, Taiyo's ex-girlfriend Kano and Saki suddenly appeared, and what will be their feelings?
A romantic love story that makes you feel like a big triangle shining in the spring night sky.

Release date

December 11, 2019 (Wednesday)

Cast staff

Haruka Fukuhara Taiki Sato (EXILE / FANTASTICS)
Jin Suzuki Hiroe Igeta / Kana Natsume Azusa Minamiyama Yuno Ohara
Ryohei Otani (appearance of friendship) Miki Sakai (appearance of friendship)
Original: Miwako Sugiyama (Shogakukan `` Sho-Comi '' series)
Director: Kentaro Otani Screenplay: Natsuko Ikeda Music: Ryo Yoshimata
Theme song: FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE `` Believe in Love ''

Recording contents

Recording time: Main part 99 minutes
Specifications: 2 layers on one side / color / Dolby Digital / 16: 9 Vista size
Main disc 1 sheet

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© 2019 Miwako Sugiyama / Shogakukan / "Your April, Spica" Production Committee



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