RILY'S NIGHT/LOST "R" penlight

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RILY’S NIGHT/LOST “R” penlight is now available!
Let's illuminate the venue with white light. You might find the piece of "R" you're looking for...! ?

*Please refrain from using anything that emits light other than the "RILY'S NIGHT/LOST "R" penlight" inside the venue.

・Body: ABS resin
・Using LED
・Batteries: AAA x 3 used
Continuous lighting time: Approximately 4 hours

■How to use
Please pull out the insulation sheet on the back before use.
Long press the switch to turn on/off.
Long press ON → Constant light → Lights off → Long press OFF

■How to replace the battery
1.Remove the battery box lid.
2. Replace the battery and close the lid as before.
*Do not mix old and new batteries or different types of batteries.
*Please set +- (plus/minus) correctly.
<Batteries used: AAA batteries x3>

Body: ABS resin

full length
about 19.5cm
Upper diameter
about 8.5cm


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