MASATO ODAKE "Triangular Aurora"

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The second novel with a theme song CD written by the up-and-coming lyricist Masato Odake!

Riku Kitano, a third-year high school student who is enthusiastic about the street dance "Clamp" that originated in LA, dreaming of being a professional dancer.
What is the older couple I met by chance and the <Aurora> that he draws with three people?
Riku, who happened to meet the second generation of the hamburger chain and his lover, goes to the condominium where they live together and builds a mysterious family-like relationship.
However, when a childhood friend's super beautiful girl who secretly thinks about Riku appears, ripples begin to spread in the relationship between the three people who were peaceful.
A modern youth story that depicts the growth of a pure high school boy chasing a dream in a fresh style.

And this time, EXILE TAKAHIRO is in charge of the theme song with the original new song written by Masato Odake!

◆ Title / "Triangular Aurora" with EXILE TAKAHIRO CD
◆ Author / Masato Odake
◆ Number of pages / 292 pages
◆ Issuance / Kodansha Co., Ltd.
◆ Theme song / "Triangular Aurora-Aoi Haru-" EXILE TAKAHIRO



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