JSB3 Official “MATE” Light Stick

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An official light stick in the shape of a white rose, the symbol of "MATE"!
Let's have a blast with this light stick at future J SOUL BROTHERS III events!
Please wrap up various stages like a flower garden with the light of each and every one of "MATE" roses♪

*Regarding customers who have pre-purchased the JSB3 Official “MATE” Light Stick, those who pre-purchased only the JSB3 Official “MATE” Light Stick when purchasing JSB3 IS BACK goods will be shipped sequentially from late January.
Please note that customers who purchased other JSB3 IS BACK goods at the same time will be shipped sequentially from early February.
*This package is for product protection. Please note that we cannot replace damaged items.

■Regarding the JSB3 Official “MATE” Light Stick
・It will be the same item as the support goods for the ticket with support goods.
・The products will also be sold at EXILE TRIBE STATION and venue sales.
・Due to the production of the stage, we may ask you to refrain from using it for some events.

■ Components
JSB3 Official “MATE” Light Stick, Instruction Manual

■ Batteries
Uses 3 enclosed/alkaline AAA batteries

■ Battery replacement method
1. Open the battery box cover on the back of the main unit and remove the old battery.
2. Insert 3 alkaline AAA batteries.
*Be sure to check the plus and minus of the battery when inserting the battery.
3. Be sure to close the battery box cover after replacing the batteries.

■ Product functions and usage
・JSB3 Official “MATE” Light Stick is equipped with a wireless control function.
・Press the button on the stick to turn on the power. (initial color: white)
Each time you press the button, it will switch as follows.
"Lighting (white → orange → purple → yellow → green → pink → red → blue) all 8 colors" → "power off"

■ Handling Precautions
1. Avoid high temperature and humidity, direct sunlight, fire and heat sources, and use and store out of reach of small children.
2. Avoid looking directly at the LED light at close range. Doing so may damage your eyes. Please be especially careful when children use it.
3. Do not disassemble, modify, apply a strong impact, or use the product in water or near fire, as this may cause the product to malfunction.
4. When storing the product, remove the batteries to prevent damage to the product due to battery leakage.
5. We recommend that you replace the battery with a new one before each performance.
When replacing the batteries, replace all the batteries (three).
6. Always use new alkaline AAA batteries when replacing batteries.
Using other batteries (manganese batteries, etc.) may cause malfunction or malfunction.
7. Be sure to check the "positive (+) and negative (-)" of the battery, and install it in the correct direction.
(Wrong installation may cause product failure and may cause fire or burns.)
8. If you suddenly lose control during the performance, or if the red light remains on, the batteries are exhausted. Please replace them with new batteries (all three).
9. Keep the battery out of reach of infants, and dispose of the dead battery in accordance with the disposal method specified by the local government.
10. If you feel abnormal heat during use, please turn off the power immediately and stop using it.
11.On rare occasions, there is a possibility of interference with the radio waves of the radio equipment used at the performance, but this is not a malfunction.
12.Scratches and stains on the surface, deterioration of materials, discoloration, etc. are unavoidable due to the frequency of use and the passage of time.

Light emitting part: PP
Stick part: rubber mat material
Bulb used: LED (not replaceable)

full length
about 19.2cm
rose part
W about 9.7cm


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