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Free-spirited genius poet Hakushuu Kitahara and Kousaku Yamada, a talented musician who introduced Western music to Japan. From these two friendships, a Japanese song was born. If they weren't there, the Japanese music scene might have been totally different.
 With the 100th anniversary of nursery rhymes, a half-life full of ups and downs of white autumn,
 Together, the movie “This road” draws with laughter and tears.
 Now you can witness the moment of the birth of Japanese song.

Starring Nao Omori, Akira (EXILE) W!
Nao Omori, who is indispensable for Japanese movies, and AKIRA, who plays a difficult role with his high physical ability, are soul competitions.
 Now that 100 years have passed since the birth of nursery rhymes, a hot buddy story depicting the encounter of rare poet Hakusyuu Kitahara and elite musician Kousaku Yamada is a must-see!

■ EXILE's ATSUSHI is in charge of the theme song "This road"!
It is the first attempt to sing a children's song as the movie's theme song with the cover of the song of the children's song as the person himself, but it sang brilliantly `` this way '' and shakes the viewer's soul!

A heart-warming action that depicts the encounter between Hakushu Kitahara and Kogo Yamada!
This touching movie tells stories took place from the encounter of Kosaku Yamada and Hakushu Kitahara who is unbelievably good at seducing women with sweet words to the completion of the famous song "Kono Michi"!

Those who love great writers should not miss this movie! Well-renowned writers are played by brilliant actors!
Miekichi Suzuki is played by Shingo Yanagisawa while Yutaka Matsushige and Michiko Hada play the husband Tekkan Yosano and the wife Akiko respectively. Hakushu's first wife Toshiko is played by Wakana Matsumoto and Shihori Kanjiya plays the role of his third wife Kikuko. Children's song singers Sachiko Yasuda and Saori Yuki, who are also sisters, make a special appearance as the singers who perform "Karatachi no Hana" in the first broadcast of NHK radio, making the story of this movie more exciting!

Release date

September 4, 2019 (Wednesday)

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Nao Omori AKIRA
Shihori Kanziya Wakana Matsumoto Fujiko Kojima
Saori Yuki, Shoko Yasuda, Kanji Tsuda
Tomo Inaba, Mitsunori Isaki, Ippei Sasaki
 Shingo Yanagisawa, Michiko Haneda, Yutaka Matsushige


Director: Kiyoshi Sasabe
 Screenplay: Riko Sakaguchi
 Music: Kaoru Wada
Executive Producer: Yasuhiro Mase
 Theme Song: EXILE ATSUSHI "This road" (rhythm zone)
Production: Movie `` This road'' Production Committee


 [Special video]
■ Crank-up report interview
■ Completed stage greeting
■ Opening stage greeting
■ A big hit thanks stage greeting

 [First-run limited bonus]
Original CD
 ■ "This road"
 Lyrics: Hakushuu Kitahara
 Composer: Koda Yamada
 Arrangement: Takeshi Takeshi
 Singing: EXILE ATSUSHI (rhythm ZONE)

 ■ "Karatachi Flower"
 Lyrics: Hakushu Kitahara
 Composer: Kousaku Yamada
 Arrangement: Aya Toma
 Singing: Saori Yuki, Shoko Yasuda (Universal Music)

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 Main part 105 minutes + bonus video (number of minutes to be recorded) / 2-disc set (main part + bonus DISC)
 <Main story> 16: 9 Vista / Double-sided single layer / Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1ch surround

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