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When Machida-kun meets “I do n’t know”,
An unpredictable drama begins to involve everyone.
Hajime Machida (Kanata Hosoda), 16 years old. High school student with plain glasses. Although she looks like an honor student, she is not good at studying. Motor nerves are equal to zero and the procedure is bad. In addition, it is not possible to carry a mobile phone due to mechanical noise. I can't find what I am good at .... However, only the “talents that love people” were missing! Machida-kun, who can't let go of those who are in trouble, always gives up seats if there are elderly people standing on the bus. One day, Machida-kun, who was injured during the class and went to the health room, met Ihara-san (Nagisa Sekimizu), who was struck there. Ihara, who took care of him on behalf of the school nurse who was absent, she says she hates people. Mr. Sugawara, who dislikes people, was very interested in Machida-kun. Machida-kun begins to develop an “unknown emotion” that he has never met before. Being kind to someone can hurt someone else ...? A storm blows up in Machida-kun in the reality he first encountered, engulfing all the people involved so far, Machida-kun Start running. Towards an unknown world beyond “I don't know”!

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Kanata Hosoda, Nagisa Sekimizu
Takanori Iwata, Mitsuki Takahata / Atsuko Maeda, Taiga Nakano
Sosuke Ikematsu (Erika Toda)
Koichi Sato
Yukiya Kitamura Nanako Matsushima


Theme song: `` Even if you are '' Ken Hirai (Ariola Japan)
Director: Yuya Ishii
Screenplay: Sho Kataoka (Yuya Ishii)
Original: Yuki Ando `` Machida-kun no Sekai '' (published by Shueisha Margaret Comics)
Production Secretary: Nippon Television Broadcasting Network
Production Production: CREDEUS
Distribution: Warner Bros. Movie


Single layer 2 layers / color / vista size (16: 9) /
Audio: ① Japanese DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1h ② Japanese Linear PCM 2.0ch ③ Barrier-Free Japanese Guide / NTSC Japanese Market / Barrier-Free Japanese Subtitles

Special video: Making, stage greetings, trailers & spots
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© Yuki Ando / Shueisha © 2019 Movie `` Machida-kun no Sekai '' Production Committee



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