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All photo books are composed of two parts. The first part, which reflects the expressions of adults, such as the appearance of walking in Shinjuku / Golden Gai, and the second part, which cuts out the face of a boy who relaxes leisurely around the local memory of Gunma , 29-year-old "actor Keita Machida" is packed with real photos that have never been seen before. It is a long-awaited Keita Machida fan, with a 10,000-character long interview with the person himself, a figure that can hardly be seen, and a 20-minute making DVD that makes you feel close at hand. The photographer was Eiji Hikosaka, an up-and-coming photographer.

Release date

November 20, 2019


Size: A4 deformation
Number of pages: 124P
With making DVD (about 20 minutes)

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