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The production team that worked on the hit series “HiGH & LOW” gathered again, and it was “Prince-” that was sent to the world.

Celebrity Prince, Yankee Prince, Student Council Prince, Dance Prince, Teacher Prince, Hairdresser Prince, and the unique princes who have overwhelming looks!

This story of unprecedented battle <Prince Battle> for them to become "Legendary Prince" is not limited to the framework of the movie,
[TV drama] [LIVE] [game] and started as the ultimate project that works with all media. The serial drama `` PRINCE OF LEGEND '' broadcast on NTV and others in 2018 gathered a big topic despite the late-night frame, the stage finally goes to the screen!

Theatrical version `` PRINCE OF LEGEND '' released on March 21, 2019 (Thurs./holiday) is a long-awaited Blu-ray & DVD!

The era of “Mune Kyun” that has long colored the Japanese movie world has come to an end.
The Holy War <Prince Battle> by the princes now begins here.


Held once every three years at St. Brilliant Academy, a prestigious celebrity gathering
"Legendary Prince Championship".
Only one winner of this championship is recognized as the “legendary prince”. And now, around the seat of the `` third-generation legendary prince '', 14 princes gather here!
"I wonder if I'd like to go out with the person who became the legendary prince."
This word of Kanon (Sei Shiraishi), the longing of the princes, triggered
The unprecedented prince's holy war <Prince Battle> is cut!
Who is going to shoot the legendary prince?
And what is the real reason they were collected?

Release date

December 4, 2019 (Wednesday)


[Team performance] Ryota Katayose, Hiroki Iijima, Akihisa Shiono
[Team Kyogoku Brothers] Nobuyuki Suzuki, Kazuma Kawamura
[Team Student Council] Reo Sano / Mandy Sekiguchi
[Team Next] Hokuto Yoshino, Itsuki Fujiwara, Makoto Hasegawa
[Team teacher] Keita Machida
[Team3B] Sho Kiyohara, Fumiya Endo, Taichi Kodama
[Team Director] Ryo Kato and Yamato Kouta



Executive Producer: EXILE HIRO
Planning production: Hiroyuki Ueno
Producer: Naoto Fujimura, Mio Morita
Theme Song: Piece of me / m-flo (rhythm zone / LDH MUSIC)
Director: Kentaro Moriya
Screenplay: Yuko Matsuda
Music: Yuta Nakano
Planning and production: HI-AX
Production Production: AOI Pro.
Distribution: Toho
Production: HI-AX Toho Yomiuri Television Broadcasting Bop Lawson AOI Pro. Sapporo Television Broadcasting Miyagi Television Broadcasting
Shizuoka Daiichi Television, Chukyo Television Broadcasting, Hiroshima Television Broadcasting, Fukuoka Broadcasting


Recording time: 91 minutes (only the main part is recorded)
Disc: 1 main part
Specifications: Color / ①DTS-HD Master Audio5.1ch ②Linear PCM2.0ch / 1 sheet / single side 1 layer / 16: 9 Vista size (1080P High-Definition) / barrier free Japanese subtitles

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© 2019 `` PRINCE OF LEGEND '' Production Committee



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