Boku ni, Aitakatta DVD Deluxe edition

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Toru, a man who lost his memory after an accident. Mother and people of the island who gently watch over the days after that. Is the memory of Tohru revived in contact with international students coming from the main island to the island? Can the love of the island save people's hearts? On the other side, there was a warm and intimate secret of the family. Former fishermen who can no longer go fishing try to live now on the island, but even those who want to say “thank you” forget, and only the heart does not move forward. Such a man wraps up the kindness of the people of the island. Can a man find “self” on an island surrounded by majestic nature? When he knew the truth of the accident, he ...
TAKAHIRO is a very popular vocalist of “EXILE” and is also active as an actor. I felt like I wanted to meet you. From the glamorous image so far, I challenged the difficult role of a former fisherman who lost his memory due to the accident that occurred 12 years ago. As a movie actor, he opened up new ground. The drama is supported by Keiko Matsuzaka who is appearing in the NHK TV series “Manpuku”, the veteran talents such as “Kametaro Actor” who is a famous player named “Chameleon Actor”, and the drama “Konodori” Mayu Yamaguchi, Mizuki Itagaki of vocal dance unit “M! LK” who served as a semi-leading role in “Solomon's False Testimony”, and young people who will lead the next generation, such as Kyoka Shibata, Uragami Seisyu, and Karin Ono, will stand aside. An impressive human drama depicting family bonds and rebirth is born.

Recording contents

Disc 1 (DVD): Main story (approx. 96 minutes) & audio commentary recording
Disc2 (DVD): Rare video recording such as bonus video making, interviews, stage greetings, etc.

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TAKAHIRO, Yamaguchi Mayu, Shibata Kyoka, Itagaki Mizuki, Uragami Seisyu, Ono Karin, Miyamoto Yuko, Yoshino Yukiko, Kawamura Saya, Saito Yoichiro, Shimizu Hiroshi, Yamashita Yorie, Kurokawa Mei, Koichi Mantaro , Keiko Matsuzaka


Director: Yoshinari Nishikori
Executive Producer: EXILE HIRO
Screenplay: Yoshinari Nishikori, Shintaro Akiyama
Music: Eishi Segawa, Masato Kaneko
Lighting: Sosuke Yoshikaku
Recording: Masami Nishioka
Editor: Jun Kuriyagawa
Distribution: LDH PICTURES



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Region code: 2
Television standard system: NTSC