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Ryota, who returned to his hometown after breaking the dream of a manga artist, thinks about the connection between the lives of animals and humans through the work of a zoo keeper. A moving human drama set in a zoo specializing in animal welfare that actually exists in Omuta City, Fukuoka Prefecture.

Ryota Tanaka (KANTA SATO), a young man who struggled to become a manga artist in Tokyo, returned to his hometown of Fukuoka, feeling the limits of his dreams. Ryota, who can not rely on his parents' house and stays in his old friend's room, was introduced to a part-time job at the local Enmei Zoo. While working with the principal Noda (Tetsuya Takeda) and veterinarian Aya Ishii (Izumi Fujimoto), Ryota puts emphasis on “animal welfare” where the health and happiness of animals is the first priority. he know and understand that it is a rare zoo. However, due to the shrinking budget, the operation of the garden was in a critical situation. Ryota decides to draw a manga again in order to convey this effort with her own painting.


Color / approx. 100 minutes / 1 layer on 1 side / 2 discs
Screen: 16:9LB Vista size / Audio: Japanese Dolby Digital 5.1ch surround

Cast staff

Izumi Fujimoto
Akito Serizawa
Lotus sudo
Mari Hayashida
Tomoya Maeno
Ehisa Shiono
Azusa Ohara
Mio Imada (Friendship appearance)
Kazama Toru
Sadahiko Takahe
Miyoko Asada
Misako Watanabe
Takeda Tetsuya


Director: Naoki Seki
Screenplay: Sakudo Yu

Video benefits

・Making (23 minutes)
・Stage greetings (15 minutes)
・Invitation to Omuta City Zoo (10 minutes)
・Introduction of Omuta City Ojabi Mountain Festival (5 minutes)
・Trailer (2 minutes)

Selling agency

Broadmedia Studio


Happinet (Media Marketing)

(C)2019 ``Life Sketch'' Production Committee



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Region code: 2
Television standard system: NTSC