I'm in love with Busu's eyes 2019 The Voice Blu-ray

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Osamu Suzuki is a drama based on an essay about her married life with Miyuki Oshima, starring EXILE NAOTO and the heroine Tomoda Nobuo.
A love story that depicts a popular voice actor, Suzuno Osamu and a voice actor's egg, Miyuki Oyama, a zero-day marriage, a turbulent marriage life!

Suzuno Osamu (NAOTO) is a good-looking voice actor who is currently riding, and the released photo book is also good, and it is popular enough to attract female fans at the handshake event. Alice (Arisa Komiya), who is secretly associated with her, is also the most popular voice actor, and she is also a singer. Ri's office tries to receive the story of the model to sell his visuals, but in this reason, the voice actor is the main business, and I want the voice actor to see myself as a voice actor, Was worried about the gap. Miyuki Oyama (Nobuo Tomita) is a bright and positive girl who aims to be a voice actor with the dream of working with Osamu Suzuno someday. One day, Ri and Alice arrive at a home center where she works part time. Miyuki reacts to the voice of the reason, although she hides her face so that she won't get caught. While serving, Miyuki falls and flashes her nosebleed. The words Miyuki said at that time overlapped with the words that Rika had heard from her mother in the past, and Rika became interested in Miyuki.


[BD specifications] 2019 / Japan / Color / Main story + bonus video (undecided) / 16:9 1080i High Definition / 1 layer / Linear PCM (Japanese 2.0ch) / 8 episodes / 2 discs
*Specifications are subject to change.


EXILE NAOTO Nobuo Tomita
Arisa Komiya Harumi Sato (E-girls/Flower) Taro Suruga


Original: Osamu Suzuki "I'm in love with Busu's eyes" (published by Magazine House)
Script: Osamu Suzuki
Music: Yasuyoshi Suzuki
Theme song: "Koi no Tsubomi" Dream Ami (rhythm zone)
Chief Producer: Kazuyuki Shimizu
Produced by: Ayaichi Ishikawa
Producer: Mirai Shibuya, Rie Yamamoto Director: Yusuke Ishii, Akito Kajiya
Production cooperation: The icon
Production work: Fuji Television

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Fuji Television


TC Entertainment

(C) Osamu Suzuki / Magazine House Fuji Television

Region code:A