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"By writing, I became stronger."
The days when I was E-girls, now and in the future

E-girls is a dance and vocal group that was dismissed at the end of 2020. Her first essay written by NONOKA YAMAGUCHI, who sprinted for nine years as her performer, for one year and ten months (March 2019-December 2020). "Her heart encyclopedia" that expresses her feelings, discoveries, and hopes that arose from her sensitive days into the keyword "Ah-wa" and confronts her own feelings and sincerity. "I was able to overcome it many times through writing, saying that it is most important to face my heart honestly (from the postscript) -this book that expresses my feelings straight without decorating. Is a book that delivers stay-positive power to readers. It is serialized on the GINGER official website, and includes newly written and newly shot visuals that describe the days of E-girls.




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