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"Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?!"
The urban legend have really turned out!
The magic that Adachi (Eiji Akaso), who turned 30 as a virgin, got ...
It was sober that "the heart of the person who touched it can be read".
Adachi was left with this power that was of no use, but by chance
he read the heart of Kurosawa (KEITA MACHIDA), the ace of the sales department,
with the best handsome guy in the company. Then Kurosawa's heart was
full of love for Adachi!
Adachi was confused by Kurosawa's "voice of the heart of leaking
favors" that he heard every time he touched it, although he couldn't believe
the unexpected synchronization and the favor from the same sex.
However, Kurosawa, who has no idea that he has been favored,
continues to appeal steadily.Will the straightforward and unwavering feelings
from a refreshing handsome man to a virgin be fulfilled!?
Don't miss the story where you can hear the voice of your heart!


2020 JapanColorMain story + Bonus video (recorded minutes undecided)16: 9 1080i High Definition1 layerAudio:Linear PCM 2.0ch stereo /Subtitle 1:English subtitles, Subtitle 2:Chinese subtitles (traditional characters) 12 episodes3 discs

Bonus video

・ Making video
・ Episode 1 PR collection
・ Spin-off ①Valentine & Hexagon ②Tsuge / Minato
・ Unreleased scene
・ Minato's Dance-Special Edition-

Enclosed benefits

・ Booklet (special edition drawn by the original author, Yuu Toyota) (planned)
・ Online event ticket application ticket (* The number is limited)


Eiji Akaso, Kodai Asaka, Yutaro,
Takuya Kusakawa (Bullet Train), Rei Sato,
Suzunosuke / KEITA MACHIDA


Original: Yu Toyota (published by "Gangan pixiv" published by Square Enix)
Screenplay: Erika Yoshida, Satoko Okazaki
Director: Hiroki Kazama, Hiroaki Yuasa, Masataka Hayashi


"Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?!" Production Committee


TC Entertainment



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