"Our Story" as Ichiya Chitani DVD

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The distance between two people approaching beyond friendship. Despite being worried and hurt
What is the whereabouts of the <story> that the two of them create after continuing to challenge what they like without giving up?

Last, my chest gets warm. No.1 sympathy and emotional fantastic youth story


Although he made his debut as a writer in junior high school, his work was criticized on SNS and
Kazuya Chitani, a high school novelist who lost sight of himself and cannot sell.
On the other hand, he is a popular person in the same class and has a sadistic personality.
A high school novelist, Aya Koyo, who has produced hits in rapid succession.
The bottom writer and the popular writer, their personalities and standing positions in the class are all the opposite of each other.
The mission given by the editor-it was a two-person collaboration,
It was to create a big bestseller! Bad boys and glitter girls,
The two seemingly opposites make up for what is lacking while repelling,
While making the story together, Kazuya discovers a big secret that no one can tell.


Main story 106 minutes + bonus video (making)

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Ryuji Sato, Anzu Riko, Ryotaro Sakaguchi
Mirai Yamamoto, Ainosuke Kataoka, Emi Wakui


Executive Producer: Keiichi Sawa Masataka Mori
Produced by: Tadafumi Shimomura Hiroki Mori Kiyoshi Murakami Masahiro Iida Masatoshi Tsunoda Akihito Watanabe
Executive Producer: Tetsudai Inoue Masato Nanba Shinzo Matsuhashi
Producer: Yoichi Shimizu Keiichiro Sato Naoto Fujimura
Original: Sako Aizawa "Our Story" (published by Kodansha Taiga)
Screenplay: Tetsuo Kamada
Director: Shigeaki Kubo
Theme song: "Call Me Sick" Rei(Sony Music Labels Inc.)
Music: Yuta Nakano
Photo: Terukoku Kagisaka
Lighting: Victory in Hirano
Art: Takashi Matsuzuka
Decoration: Yoshio Yamada
Recording: Yasuyo Saito
Sound effects: Masatoshi Saito
Edited by: Go Wada
Stylist: Mari Miyamoto
Hair Make: Kumiko Sawada
Production secretary: HI-AX
Production Production: CREDEUS
Distribution: HIGH BROW CINEMA
(C) 2020 Movie ""Our Story" as Ichiya Chitani" Production Committee



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Region code: 2
Television standard system: NTSC