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A sober high school girl who had no place in the real world, Koharu (Sei Shiraishi).
She is always alone Her only hobby is making plastic models.
One day, Koharu stopped by at a mysterious antique shop on his way home from school, with a plastic model of a "gun" and
She buys a plastic model named "Alice". That night she was absorbed in assembling
She was summoned to a parallel world when she noticed. There is an unmanned school that has become a battlefield.
By her side is Alice (Yuno Ohara) assembled by Koharu, who speaks like a human being.
She hands over a plastic model "gun" and marks the beginning of the battle.
Its name is "Girl Gun Fight". Without knowing whether it's a dream or reality
Her senior Natsuna Usui (Momoka Ito) and her junior Akiho Inada (Natsuki Deguchi)
Koharu will run up as her teammate and participate in the battle with the enemy team.
The enemies are all students from the same school. It was the beginning of an inescapable nightmare ...
In "Girl Gun Fight" that is relentlessly repeated,
Matsuko Kadowaki (Anna Ishii), Koharu's only childhood friend and student council president, has appeared.
Things will change a lot. On the other hand, she was scared of this unidentified battle,
Koharu refuses to fight her, but ironically she develops her talent for battle ...⁉


2021 / Japanese work / Color
Main story: Approximately 240 minutes * 10 episodes in total
Benefits: Approximately 65 minutes
Screen size: 16: 9 LB
Disc type: Single-sided 2-layer (DSIC-1,3) Single-sided 1-layer (DISC-2)
Audio specifications: Dolby Digital 2.0ch (stereo)


・Video benefits: Making
・Enclosed benefits: Special booklet


Sei Shiraishi Anna Ishii
Yuno Ohara, Momoka Ito, Natsuki Deguchi / Manami Igashira, Yuka Suzuki, Yura Someno
Azusa Ohara, Rina Shennan, Hina / Ai Mikami, Momoko Tanabe, Aoi Uta no
Rio Teramoto, Momoka Ishida, Sakura Ando / Masanari Wada, Asahina Aya
Gaku Hamada


Directors: Yusuke Taki, Atsushi Hirai, Atsushi Sekine
Screenplay: Takeshi Miyamoto, Takani Yoshizaki
Planning: ADK Emotions
Production: Robot
Production: "Girl Gun Lady" Production Committee / MBS / BSP
Publisher / Distributor: Amuse Soft



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Region code: 2
Television standard system: NTSC