Choice and Miracle / NAOKI KOBAYASHI

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Naoki Kobayashi's first memorable semi-autobiographical essay!
◆ For people of all ages who visit in life and are worried about various choices, big and small!
◆ The conflict in Corona's disaster and Naoki Kobayashi's answer for a new life are drawn!
◆ The back side of the activities of EXILE / Sandaime J SOUL BROTHERS is finally revealed from the perspective of member Naoki Kobayashi!
In 2020, the third generation J SOUL BROTHERS celebrated its 10th anniversary, and in 2021 EXILE celebrated its 20th anniversary. During the period of self-restraint of Corona, the days of hesitation and suffering while the concerts were canceled one after another. Naoki Kobayashi looks back on himself. He was a boy when he was absent from school. He met dance and became a member of EXILE from a college student in the Department of Philosophy. With HIRO at the top, we worked hard with the members and deepened the bond through trial and error. What I felt in the crippled life of Corona. Taking on the challenge for the future. To many people who supported me. What I want to convey to the people who raised and grew me ???. Now that I realize that the casual "choices" that I visit every day create small "miracles", and by accumulating them, there is now.
Naoki Kobayashi's heart, which has not been talked about until now, is revealed for the first time.
As EXILE, as the leader of the third generation J SOUL BROTHERS, this is the first semi-autobiographical essay that describes the passion and heart of life. A lot of photos taken in collaboration with Shukan Bunshun's gravure are also included!


Shirokuban, average, 320 pages



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