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■ Introduction
Taiki Sato (EXILE/FANTASTICS) x Ai Mikami. Two people starring in a terrestrial drama for the first time <W lead>!!
Cumulative total of 15 million PV achieved! "Everysta" popularity ranking first place! The long-awaited live-action drama adaptation of the ultra-topic, which has become very popular in electronic comics and books!

■ Story
Misao Narita (Ai Mikami), an office worker at a trading company, feels bad for Kazuya Ichikawa (Taiki Sato), who works in the same department and has excellent performance. She didn't like Ichikawa's outspoken words, but she gradually became attracted to him due to a random chance. One day, Misao is delighted when Ichikawa says that she likes her quite a bit, but she finds out that he has a girlfriend named Yuko Tadokoro (Umika Kawashima). Even though she was shocked, Misao couldn't let go of her love for Ichikawa, but one night, Ichikawa suddenly called her...

■ Specifications
Color / About 200 minutes / 1 layer per side / 3 discs

■ Video benefits (planned)
・Advance notice editing
・Video collection (interviews, event videos, etc.)

■Enclosed benefits (planned)
・Special leaflet

■ Cast
Taiki Sato (EXILE/FANTASTICS) Ai Mikami
Umika Kawashima, Motohiro Ota, Riho Takada, Yusuke Sato, Kasumi Yamaya, Shogo Hama, Kosuke Aono
Yuki Furukawa

■ Staff
・Director: Izuru Kumasaka
・Screenplay: Mio Uchihira, Yosuke Otani, Tomomi Shimoa
・Production: Studio Blue
・ Production: “liar” Production Committee

■ Distributor
Avex Pictures Inc.

■ Distributor
Happinet Media Marketing Co., Ltd.

© "liar" Production Committee



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