Hiro in Exile The Creation of a J-Pop Empire

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The visual book "Hiro in Exile The Creation of a J-Pop Empire" has been published by "RIZZOLI", a prestigious bookstore / publisher in New York.

Although RIZZOLI publishes visual books of famous overseas artists, this is the first time an art book of Asian pop artists is published.

Comment by RIZZOLI Ian Luna who was in charge of editing
"The organization of LDH is a unique thing that can not be found in any of the other Western artist management companies and media companies, and I was interested in it. No other company with the capabilities of a record company, movie distribution, school, restaurant management, or even magazine publishing can not be seen elsewhere, even though it's a small company that started 10 years ago. It is not something that anyone can do without losing ambition and creativity: HIRO's personal and fixed perspective on entertainment is utilized in such business development, and it is the largest I think that I presented a good sample to create the effects of It is a great honor to be able to bring your career into one book. ”

EXILE HIRO's comment
“It started with RIZZOLI's historic New York publisher focused on our entertainment at LDH, and it took me about three years to complete such a wonderful visual book. Also, RIZZOLI has published a visual book of artists and brands from around the world, and I hope that it will make it possible for people around the world to become aware of Japanese entertainment and get interested in it.


Vertical direction about 303mm × crosswise direction about 226mm Hardcover

number of pages

272 pages


Rizzoli International Publications, Inc

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