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The original is Hanalei Bay, a long-selling "Five Strange Tales from Tokyo" (SHINCHO BUNKO), an aggregate of over 700,000 copies of Haruki Murakami.
It is yoh Yoshida who plays the protagonist Sachi. Showing a remarkable performance from the leading role to the supporting role, she is one of the most glorious actresses right now, and this work has an overwhelming presence that deserves to be described as "the yoh Yoshida that no one has ever seen" Release. It is Reo Sano who is playing Takashi who is the son of Sachi, GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE. In recent years he will see a completely new aspect of his emerging as an actor. In addition, Takahashi, a Japanese surfer who Sachi meets in Hanalei Bay, is a young actor who re-focusses on his outstanding sensibility and natural performance, and his artist Nijiro Murakami. The director is Daishi Matsunaga, who has received high praise from critics for "Pieta in the Toilet" and is a cutting edge in the Japanese film industry.

A single mother, Sachi (Yoh Yoshida), finds out by phone that his son, Takashi (Reo Sano), died at Hanalei Bay on Kauai, Hawaii. It was said that he was attacked by a big shark and died while surfing. She went to Hanalei Bay, where he died, and spent reading under a large tree near the beach. This "action" continued every year. Put the chair in the same place for 10 years. But she never approaches the sea. One day Sachi meets two young Japanese surfers. Sachi who repeats the appearance of a son who died at the age of 19 to two young people who enjoy innocently surfing. At that time, I hear "a certain story" from two people. "There is a single-legged Japanese surfer with a red surfboard" ...

Yoh Yoshida Reo Sano Nijiro Murakami Gai Sato Rui Kurihara

Original:Haruki Murakami「Hanalei Bay」(SHINCHO BUNKO『Five Strange Tales from Tokyo』)
Script, director, editor:Daishi Matsunaga
Shooting:Ryuto Kondo
musics:Yoshihiro hanno
Theme song:Love of pleasure -Plaisir d 'amour- "Daichi Fujiki (Warner Classics)
Insert song:「The Passenger」Iggy Pop(Universal Music)

Video editing:geek sight
Production cooperation:TALK STORY PRODUCTIONS
distribution:HIGH BROW CINEMA
Production:『Hanalei Bay』Production Committee

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Digipack specification / main feature disc (97 minutes) + bonus disc 2 Disc
Enclosed benefits: Photo booklet (32 pages)
[Main part] Single side 2 layers / Color / Vista / Audio: Japanese Dolby Digital 5.1ch, Japanese Dolby Digital 2.0ch / Subtitle: Barrier-free Japanese Subtitle / PG-12

Bonus video
・ Photographing making
・ Premiere screening stage greetings (10/2)
・ Public commemorative stage greetings (10/20)
・ Preview editing (special report, trailer)
・ Cast interview

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©2018『Hanalei Bay』Production Committee

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