Let's dance on the earth!DANCE EARTH ~Change the World~

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We live on a planet with dance (Hoshi).

EXILE ÜSA dance trip!
The word "Kokoro Odoru" that spells straightforward feelings,
A gorgeous DVD-BOOK full of photos and dance videos (120 minutes) that overflow with the atmosphere of the scene.

■ Bhutan "In search of true meaning of happiness"
■ Caribbean Jamaica & Cuba & Mexico "Dance, Sake and Revolution"
■ American Burning Man "To the journey to destroy and create"
■ Brazil Favela "Performance that changes the world"
■ Japan, Fukushima & Dance Earth Village "In the country where we were born and raised"

EXILE's performer ÜSA trip, the third.
Through the universal word "dance" that has not changed since the primitive era, a journey that connects people, hearts and minds, transcending national borders, religions, languages, and skin tones = Dance Earth.
The theme of this trip is Change the World!
Yoshihiro Usami (EXILE ÜSA), a man who continues to send out LOVE & PEACE while dancing with people all over Japan, has various places on the earth with the theme of "Change by dancing. Connect by dancing." Includes 5 powerful dance trips where you can interact with people.

"As a dancer born in Japan at this time. There is surely something that can only be done by a dancer, not a politician, a scholar, or an army."
A gorgeous DVD-BOOK full of "Kokoro Odoru" words that spell out such straightforward feelings, photographs that overflow the atmosphere of the scene, and dance images.



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